About my challenge 4 !!!

SPRING !!! spring is the best season for me because it makes me feel better , freedom and enthusiasm .


Spring is a poem. We talk, we practice, we wait …

I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH DEAR SPRING <3 And i wish that this year i enjoy you with happiness and smiles 🙂 🙂

Challenge 3 – Get creative.

Hi , Now i’m going to cite ten ways that i could use a sock full of holes .

1) doing a tennis ball with it .

2) doing a cap for my cat .

3) doing a shoes for my doll .

4) doing a small kit for my useless stuff .

5) doing a small pillow plant sewing needles .

6) doing a cloth to make a beautiful sewing .

7) doing a cloth for cleaning tables .

8) doing a marionette .

9) make a phone cover .

10) doing a teddy bear .


Challenge 2 – First week of freedom

This week i will talk about the best ten jobs that i think i would have over my lifetime .

1-Journalist : this job is synonym of free writing and free ideas .

2-lawyer : this job allows you to defend victims and this is a great thing .

3-professor : we can build a better society when we teach good values to the next generation .

4-doctor : it’s a noble job. doctor saves people’s lives .

5-dentist : it’s a beautiful job to give a beautiful smile .

6-photographer : everyone like to take photos and to save his best moments .

7-trader : this job gives you the picture of someone closer to people .

8-architect : this job let you appear as someone of modern who always search a new idea

9-accounting : this job gives you the picture of someone right and serious .

10-firefighter : everyone need to your help. so be a firefighter .


Never Lose Hope

Where there’s life , there’s suffering .

where there’s suffering , there are always lessons .

where there are lessons , there’s always growth .

where there’s growth , there’s always hope.

where there’s hope ,there’s always strength.

where there’s life , there are always miracles .

where there are miracles , there’s always God .

where there’s God , there’s always life anew .


many wonderful things await in the circle of life that far outweigh the times of sorrow , and all sorrow arrives with many unexpected blessing .

Challenge 1 – Who am I?

Gustave Eiffel : how did you bild the eiffel tower ?

Michael Jackson : why you dance very well ?

Louis Tomlinson : why do you love carrots ?

Jimi Hendrix : why are you the best guitar player ?

my cousin Rim : are you courageous ?

Maria Montessorri : did the pupils love you ?

my friend Manel : do you think that one day our dreams become realized ?

John Grisham : the job of lawyer it is good ?

Niall Horan  : why Nandos is the best for you ?

Taylor Swift : why do you like cats ?


We NeeD a FriEnDs !!!!

A friend is someone who understands your past , believes in your futur and accepts you just the way you are . Me !!!! I think that i have the best friends in the world i love them very much and i can’t live without their smiles and their cries they are my little angels !!!! 🙂